Men In Black 3

Released: May 24, 2012, Running: 106mins, Rated: M

Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee-Jones, Jermaine Clements

Will Smith is back in the black suit for the third instalment of the Men In Black franchise. He came up with the story idea for part three during filming of MIB:2 and even though it's taken some time to get to our screens, the Fresh Prince is never one to disappoint an audience.

This movie has all the style of the previous two with an original storyline that will shatter your preconceptions of the typical, boring sequel.


It's finally out in a cinema near you, so make sure you go and see the galaxy defenders do their thing one more time. You'll be glad you did.


If you need a little more convincing, read my review (below and here) of the flick for TNT Downunder Magazine.

The boys are back in black, protecting earth from the scum of the universe for the third time. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as Agents J and K respectively and they definitely do the suits, and the franchise, justice.


Too often these days, sequels lack the punch of the original blockbusters, instead churning out well-worn, self satisfying drivel for the big bucks. Most of the time they disappoint, but this hat trick has broken the mould. 

It seems that 3D technology was invented for this movie, while every flick with a hint of action has jumped on the 3D bandwagon, MIB:3 shows them how to do it properly. Used at the right moments, it pushes the movie into another universe.

Agent J is sent back in time to 1969 so he can stop alien criminal, Boris the Animal (played to perfection by Flight of the Conchords’ Jermaine Clements), from killing K. There are some old running jokes about alien celebrities, Lady Gaga for example, but the storyline is completely original.


In a final clever twist the audience finally comes to understand why K has such a surly attitude. Josh Brolin nails his imitation of Jones by playing the younger Agent K brilliantly – the voice and the movements are spot on. With big name co-stars like Emma Thompson, Bill Hader and even a brief guest appearance from a Pussycat Doll, this is one to see on the big screen. The only thing missing? A theme tune from Will Smith.


Verdict: 5/5 stars (!)






Old Dicks, New Tricks

Ever wondered what your man gets up to when you leave him for that girls night out? Or to visit your grandparents?


You have images of beer-drinking, video game-playing and various sports-watching in your head but it may be a very different scenario than what you imagine.


While you're having that catch-up dinner with your Mother; the love of your life, and every other man on the planet, married or single, is at home making shapes with his bits and pieces.


Apparently every boy has had 'arts and crafts' time with his nether regions at some point in his life, and there are some guys who make their living from it.


That's what Puppetry of the Penis creator David 'Friendy' Friend says anyway.

"Anyone who has a little boy will tell you they have a built-in toy and they don’t stop playing with it" he tells me in this interview for TNT Downunder.


The concept has been around for over a (ahem) dickade, and Friendy with the show's co-founder, Simon Morley has taken their brand of genital origami all over the world and back.


Now that Puppetry of the Penis is entering it's 14th year, the guys have revamped the show with 3D technology that will ensure the new dick-trickers, Nacho Regal and Sammy Longfellow get up close and personal with the audience.


I've had the hilarious pleasure of seeing the new show, I even skipped the catch-up dinner and dragged my Mother along with me. I can confirm it's every bit as giggle-inducing as the first time I saw it years ago.


If you have seen it before, go again. It's a whole new bag baby. Maybe you'll be able to teach your old dog, some new tricks.




Upcoming Australian shows:

Club Singleton - 26 May
Maitland City Bowling Club - 1 June
Belmont 16ft Sailing Club - 2 June
Dee Why RSL - 15 June
Panthers - 16 June
Nelson Bay Diggers - 22 June
Cessnock Rugby League Supporters Club - 23 June
Doyalson RSL - 29 June
Rooty Hill RSL - 30 June
Souths Juniors - 6 July
Mounties - 7 July


See for more dates.






Location, Location, Location!

Anyone who knows me gets the inkling that I am a bit of a "movie buff".

Scratch that. Anyone that comes within a metre radius would likely call me a "movie nut-job".


I tend to do that annoying thing where I quote movies and then challenge people to guess which movie it is from. I can give a pretty comprehensive list of films that actors have starred in from the top of my head and I'll go and see anything at the cinema regardless of rating, subject, language or review. I guess the term we are looking for here is actually "movie floozie".


So you can imagine my thinly veiled excitement when TNT Downunder asked me to put together a feature listing some of Australia's star filming locations.


Here is a link to the feature.

Image courtesy of
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I Told You So - Karmin

I was watching the Ellen show quite awhile ago and these guys were part of her Youtube "discoveries".


Then I was watching Saturday Night Live recently and lo and behold, there they were again!


They are Nick and Amy - collectively known as Karmin.

A stylish and creative duo who are set for world domination, no doubt.

Their tunes are infectious and clever, simple but catchy. They definitely have that special something that makes you want to watch them in action.

So here you go, check them out.