Inspiration and 'The Raw'

There are tonnes of people and places that I find inspirational.

At the moment I am on a kick to absorb that which motivates me, because life is for living ... right?


Some random things have popped into my mind lately:


1. How awesome was Meryl Streep in everything she has ever done, ever. Answer? Very!


2. I wish I could sing, because people who can, are fantastic, generally.


3. I've been going through old travel pictures and it is giving me the itchiest of feet to see something truly unique and amazing again. I've seen alot, too much to mention off the top of my head right now but the world has much more to experience ... I will try and post a couple of my fave pictures at some point.


4. I think it's great if you are pursuing something you love or just being creative, I salute you. Keep at it, even if it is just stamp collecting... yes ... even that!


5. I know an amazing woman who has the funniest and indirectly inspirational blog. I'm addicted to it right now - Life with the Raw - check it out, I promise you will laugh until you pee ... or you won't ... and in that case ... congrats on the bladder control.


Motivate yourself and you will inspire others.

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