The Shite

The Shire was shite - but what did you expect?

The outlook for the series looks bleak from the word ““yeeeeew"”

The first episode of The Shire ‘dramality’ series has aired and the reaction on social media was so overwhelming, it was a wonder the Internet didn’t implode.

I won’t deny it, I watched the whole dreadful thing (except for the times when I was trying to keep up with the constant stream of abuse about it on my Twitter feed) and it was indeed awful. But what was Australia expecting?

The debate around the water cooler (besides the widespread negative comments about the people in it) was all about trying to determine why it was so terrible. There were some really beautiful images over the Captain Cook Bridge, the golden, sandy beaches of Cronulla, and other sunshine-filled shots of people enjoying the good weather (who says Summer Bay is the only place that never rains). But the whole thing looked, and felt, so obviously staged that it was just plain awkward to watch.

Sometimes reality programs come along that are so incredibly bad that we love to watch the train wreck and the mere fact that we loathe it keeps it running. Where is the logic in that? Thankfully the ratings for The Shire were so average that I’m taking bets from friends about how long it will last. No one has gone past week three.


The section of the cast we were introduced to seemed to be collectively made up of strippers, surfers and wannabe rapstars. Who (if you believe the hype) have singlehandedly killed the property market in the Sutherland Shire. In fact most of the outrage has come from the fact that some of the cast apparently don’t even live in the Shire. The two plastic surgery loving, fake-tanned, bimbo’s named Sophie and Vernessa apparently live in Homebush together. I mean, Vernessa, really?!

If we truly want to end the monstrosity that is The Shire, then there is a little button on your TV set that will fix that. The power button.

Also in TNT Downunder this week, find out why Tom Cruise is a nice guy ... really!

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