Location, Location, Location!

Anyone who knows me gets the inkling that I am a bit of a "movie buff".

Scratch that. Anyone that comes within a metre radius would likely call me a "movie nut-job".


I tend to do that annoying thing where I quote movies and then challenge people to guess which movie it is from. I can give a pretty comprehensive list of films that actors have starred in from the top of my head and I'll go and see anything at the cinema regardless of rating, subject, language or review. I guess the term we are looking for here is actually "movie floozie".


So you can imagine my thinly veiled excitement when TNT Downunder asked me to put together a feature listing some of Australia's star filming locations.


Here is a link to the feature.

Image courtesy of www.australiamovie.net
Image courtesy of www.australiamovie.net

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